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Recreating the American Home

From steamy Louisiana to snowy Wisconsin, and from Brooklyn brownstones to western Marin County bungalows, Passive Houses are being created in a wide range of climate and building types across the United States. 

Recreating the American Home: The Passive House Approach by Mary James showcases 10 recently constructed Passive House projects across the country.

With its mix of new construction and retrofit projects in a variety of climate types, Recreating the American Homeprovides concrete examples of elegant, energy-efficient housing solutions for architects, builders, and homeowners everywhere. As increasing numbers of Passive Houses get built, and more people experience the comfort and low energy bills that these homes deliver, the demand for Passive Houses will continue to grow. This book chronicles how architects, builders, and designers across the country can respond to their clients’ requests for comfortable, greener, more energy-efficient homes—in short, for homes that help them create the future they want to live in.

“With its nice narrative quality and its ample technical details, Recreating the American Home is a great source of information on Passive Houses.”
—Graham Irwin, Essential Habitat

“Building using the Passive House approach is an effective way to create truly energy-efficient homes—a critical goal for our time.”
—Steve Greenberg, Energy Management Engineer, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory