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North American Highlights 2017

Today it would be challenging to count how many Passive House buildings there are in North America—no matter how you define them. One firm alone, Steven Winter Associates, is consulting on 2 million square feet of Passive House (See “Steven Winter Associates Scales Up,” p. 32). And of course, passive buildings now encompass all sorts—from residential to commercial to institutional and industrial.

Happily, these passive projects aren’t just new construction. Many Passive House designers are tackling tough retrofits and making a dent in bringing down the carbon emissions from the existing building stock. (See "From Schools to Senior Housing” and “Factory Retrofit for a Hot and Humid Climate,” for starters.) Retrofits are impressive, precisely because of their complexity and necessity. Indeed, a European energy efficiency conference in 2007 about a retrofitted building that used 80% less heating energy—a shocking number then—propelled Low Carbon Productions to start exclusively covering Passive House strategies.