Passive House in Different Climates

Over the last two decades the Passive House approach has been adapted to diverse climates and local building practices, leading to the creation of tens of thousands of Passive House buildings across the globe.  

The 17 case studies in 10 countries featured in this book reflect experienced Passive House practitioners’ seasoned understanding of the most effective means of implementing the Passive House standard in their climates.

By reducing a building’s annual energy demand to the point where renewable energy can be cost-effective, these examples show how to achieve net-zero energy regardless of where you’re building or what type of building is required. And, their occupants are enjoying numerous benefits: consistently great comfort, better indoor air quality and its concomitant health benefits, higher productivity in workplaces—and significant energy savings.

The book includes more than 150 color illustrations.

Available June 2016 from Routledge.