American Passive House Developments

Over the last two years, architects and builders have scaled up and branched out, constructing the next generation of Passive House buildings, including large multifamily, mixed-use, and commercial buildings—and often at no or a very small cost premium. Find out how in this design primer aimed at developers, builders, and architects of zero- and near-zero-energy buildings.

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Recreating the American Home

From steamy Louisiana to snowy Wisconsin, and from Brooklyn brownstones to western Marin County bungalows, Passive Houses are being created in a wide range of climate and building types across the United States. Recreating the American Home: The Passive House Approach by Mary James showcases 10 recently constructed Passive House projects across the country.


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Homes for a Changing Climate

Homes for a Changing Climate: Passive Houses in the U.S. by Katrin Klingenberg, Mike Kernagis, and Mary James explains the Passive House approach and details nine pioneering U.S. projects from coast to coast.


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